Multi-audio (In development)

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I enjoy binaural audio. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'd recommend putting on headphones and listening to the virtual barber shop.

1 What makes audio binaural?

In few words, you can detect from which location a sound is coming from by detecting the delay (difference in phase) between the ears, which can reach \(\frac{25cm}{330m/s} \approx 0.8ms\). However, we can localize the source of a sound in 3 dimensions and the difference in phase only provides us with one constraint. The rest of the information comes from how frequencies are absorbed by the head, outer ear and body are direction dependent; as well as the difference in audio intensity between the ears.

2 Programs that use HRTF

The response of each ear based on the direction of the sound is called Head-related transfer function (hrtf). Multiple programs can make use of HRTF in order to localize a sound source. Games that use openal usually have a setting to activate HRTF if you are using headphones. One example of such game is Minecraft. Another program is pulseaudio. It allows you to convert 5.1 audio into binaural audio by localizing the sound that would come from each of the speakers. This makes watching movies with a headphone a fairly pleasing experience.

3 Basic idea

It is easy to set up audio pipes using jack. I usually install Cadence to do so, since it is extremely user friendly. Therefore, if I can setup a simple jack application that uses a simple GUI to decide the location of an audio source and then play the audio on headphones, it should allow me to do things such as multiaudio or having some sound sound like it is moving around me.

4 About the tools

4.1 JACK


:CUSTOM_ID: jack-cadence

JACK (JACK Audio Connection Kit) refers to an API and two implementations of this API, jack1 and jack2. It provides a basic infrastructure for audio applications to communicate with each other and with audio hardware. Through JACK, users are enabled to build powerful systems for signal processing and music production.

In other words, Jack provides an easy way to connect the audio from one application to another. Using its C++ library we can easily make a client that can take interface with the audio from other applications.

Cadence is a set of tools useful for audio production.

Cadence is a set of tools that make using JACK much easier. I have never been able to install JACK, nor use it without installing Cadence.

4.2 Zita Convolver

Install from libzita-convolver.

Zita convolver is a C++ library implementing a real-time convolution matrix for up to 64 inputs and outputs. It uses multiple partition sizes to provide both low delay and efficient CPU use.

In other words, Zita Convolver is a very fast and simple way to apply an impulse response to audio!

4.3 QT

I wanted the tool to have a gui. QT is one that is cross-platform.

Author: Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho

Date: 2019-11-27 Wed 01:29


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