10 things to smell per day

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Talking to a friend in San Francisco who is very attuned with her sense of smell made me realize that I mostly just ignore my sense of smell, to the point that I feel like I'm almost losing it. So I'll try to keep a list of at least 10 things I've smelled and try to make a conscious effort into remembering it.

I wonder if I generally ignore my sense of smell because I had to learn to tune it out when dealing with so many different animals and so many different types of animal poop back in the day. Seriously, it was quite horrible.

1 [2019-10-16 Wed]

  1. Conditioner on my skin
  2. Chips that someone opened in the airplane
  3. The car smell on the Uber
  4. The sad smell that almost felt like cardboard of the chips bag I got in the plane
  5. The slightly better smell of the chips on the skin of my hand
  6. The ammonia smell in the men's bathroom
  7. My deodorant mixed with my own smell
  8. Wonderful green tea smell from the green tea bag
  9. Green tea smell in the water
  10. The sudden change of smell after putting sugar on the green tea.

Update [2019-11-06 Wed] I feel like I'm a lot more in tune with my sense of smell now! It is not as great as it used to be, but it is getting better!

Update [2020-07-09 Thu] I never really updated this, but yeah, just paying attention on smells has made me recover it; I can now tell exactly in which spot on the floor a dog has laid

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