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I have a bad memory, but I really care about lots of my friends and I want to make sure they know this. And one I try to do so is to try to keep track of what is happening in their lives so I can ask them afterwards. I keep track of their hobbies, what big changes are happening in their lives and I write little notes in an org mode file on my laptop. But sometimes people move away, figuratively and literally speaking; and I know that I won't be talking to this person anymore, maybe ever again. Maybe the friendship was not strong enough and we were not close enough, so now that they moved out there is no reason for them to ever contact me again, and me contacting them would just be weird. Or maybe something so horrible happened that the person should never be contacted again. Or maybe out of mutual agreement we decide that is time for things to end,

Which brings me to the title of this post., :ARCHIVE:. When this happens, I archive the notes. They still exist, just as memories will always exist, but it is time to move on. They won't be updated anymore, and they shouldn't be opened anymore. In a certain way it is my own personal way of grieving, putting a period at the end of a story. Writing Fin, and putting that very last dot on the "i". The way that the story ends, not with a bang, but with the silence following the last click of a keyboard key, C'est la vie.

Author: Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho

Date: 2019-11-27 Wed 01:29

Github: github.com/itf

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